You spend time & money setting up your corporate booking tools but on average 40% of your employees book elsewhere.

With Gopher, rest easy and have confidence that you maximize savings and visibility

Make your corporate hotel booking platform more powerful and sticky.

Gopher is a secure browser extension that helps you incentvize your travelers to save the company money and track bookings outside of your system.

The hotel pays a fee directly to Gopher to cover the cash rewards value. License is individual for each user.

Business Traveler

When you save your company money by booking a hotel direct, you’ll get rewarded with cash back.

One-click download of the Gopher extension on Chrome or Safari

Works automatically with over 50,000 hotels (most major chains)

Pulls the official hotel website rate and compares it side-by-side to the Concur rate

Gopher provides a link to book on the hotel’s website if it has a better rate. The company saves and Gopher sends a cash reward (usually 5%) to the reservation email address.

Itinerary syncing via Tripit from Concur (uphold “Duty of Care” requirements)

Cash out via PayPal, Gift Cards, or donate to charity

Continue to earn hotel points & loyalty benefits

Also works for personal travel when searching on major travel sites, such as

Zero true cost
Only pay when Gopher redirects your traveler to book a less expensive stay on the hotel's direct site. Guaranteed ROI if you book the cheapest stay - you only pay back a portion of the savings. Invoiced monthly after stays complete. Unlimited amount of users.


Guaranteed savings & tracking on corporate hotel bookings.
Business Traveler, plus…

Monthly detailed savings report for Gopher-assisted bookings

Hassle-free rollout assistance to company travelers or bookers via prepared email and one-click download link

Full alignment with existing corporate travel policies

Reporting on all pricing differences between Concur and hotel direct sites

Comprehensive reporting to help the company in RFP negotiations

More info on pricing

Gopher has no downside

Gopher Is Easy & Risk-Free

Downloading Gopher has no downside. It’s a free, 100% private tool to save time & money on hotel bookings. Gopher is a convenient add-on to existing travel tools, and Gopher can be uninstalled with one click.

Easily compare rates

Gopher compares the hotel’s direct rate vs. the price shown on Concur and abides by the corporate travel policy. Gopher finds a lower rate than corporate rates up to 80% of the time!

Travelers Still Earn Loyalty Points

When booking with Gopher, travelers land on the hotel’s direct site so they can still receive loyalty points & benefits. Booking direct is safe & familiar.

Extra Cash

Your employees are rewarded for finding extra savings. Travelers Love it.
Corporate Loves It.
Easy to Redeem.

Data-Driven Recommendations

Gopher complies with the existing corporate travel policies implemented on Concur. Recommendations may be adjusted to incorporate company rebates.

“No Hassle Roll-Out”

Partnering with Gopher is like clicking the easy button. Gopher will provide a templated email to announce the program to employees complete with a dedicated landing page and one-click install of the Gopher browser extension.

Traveler Lodging Data Remains in Concur

When travelers choose to book a better rate on the hotel direct site, they are presented a Tripit button on Gopher to submit the itinerary back to Concur. This gives the company full visibility into hotel stays and upholds Duty of Care responsibilities.

Reporting to Hold Your TMC Accountable

Gopher stores data with each comparison made that shows when corporate rates from the Travel Management Company are higher than direct consumer rates.

Dedicated Account Management

Company Gopher Customers have access to a dedicated account manager for Gopher implementation, reporting, and questions. Travelers use existing Concur customer service or work directly with the hotels as they do now.

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Example Gopher for Business Invoice

Guaranteed ROI when using Gopher

Gopher gives visibility to the cheapest price. Cost of Gopher is only a portion of the actualized SAVINGS against the rates on Concur - so the company always saves.